VIA = Traceability - When lives depend on it.

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  • Eliminate waste
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Decrease liability exposure
  • Increase efficiency

In life critical products and services, it all boils down to saving lives. Vital Plant software provides the means to achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability while sustaining and protecting the most valuable asset of all – human lives.

    VIA has specialized systems for Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Production, and Health Care delivery

  • Comply with FDA trading partner standards
  • ISO-15459, GS1, HIBCC
  • Record DHR’s electronically
  • Enforce process flow and feedback
  • Apply electronic signatures to documents
  • Comply with 21 CFR parts 11 and 820
  • Verify, document, and signoff on process changes

Traceability systems from VIA are different.

VIA has a uniquely configurable & flexible solution.

  • Adjust App behavior without programming
  • Create your own traceability apps
  • Reduce plant floor maintenance & IT costs
  • Tailor best practices to each operation, enterprise wide

This method of dynamic standardization helps you retain and gain customers, gain a competitive advantage, and lower costs by:

  • reducing labeling errors
  • error proofing processes
  • limiting recall exposure and liability
  • tracking material flow through the supply chain
  • increasing inventory turns
  • increasing yield
  • increasing productivity
  • increasing visibility to performance
  • with objective evidence that it was all done right


Vital Plant from VIA.  Traceability Imperative Solved.