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Solutions BluePrint

Scheduling a Solutions BluePrint is one of the first steps in identifying, scoping, and prioritizing your execution issues.

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Traceability commands attention, covering all matters of lot identification and control, chain of custody detail, product genealogy, and process enforcement.

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Business Case

Building the case for the ROI of an MES initiative requires more than just quantitative and analytical ability. It is about building a team that brings together the right mix of people, and then makes good ideas happen.

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Win With Vital Plant

Strategic decisions concerning suppliers, parts, logistics, production, and the execution of performance improvement initiatives are competitive differentiators.

In this guide, you will learn how you can use VIA's Vital Plant to Win In Manufacturing.

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Case Study

Vital Plant Reporting

Vehicle makers have strict testing guidelines for suppliers regarding part specifications. Many require finished parts to fit within both upper and lower control limits when being tested. Additional tests for a group of parts may be requested by vehicle makers to verify these results. Manual reporting is often too time consuming and costly.

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Case Study


Recalls on vehicles have plagued the automotive industry for years, with some of the recalls affecting hundreds of thousands of vehicles and others costing automakers thousands of dollars per repair with per vehicle cost as high as $4,000. These recalls have a domino effect on costs in the automotive industry.

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Food Processing

Revenue in the food and beverage industry stems from the demand that’s driven by consumption, population growth, consumer tastes and disposable income. However, the profitability of each company depends on how efficiently it is run due to pressure from rising costs, competitor pricing pressure and regulation.

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Increased consumer demand for technology has placed stress on automobile manufacturers due to the speed and breadth of innovation. This demand has driven costs for parts, components and functions. This paired with increased competition and regulation has automobile manufacturers looking for other sources for costs savings and improvements in efficiencies.

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With demand on the aerospace manufacturing at an all-time high, production backlog becomes a threat to business. A rising demand for aerospace production paired with increasing complexity impacts parts shortages, out-of-sequence work, defects, rework, and overtime, affecting delivery schedules and costs. Are you ready for the unexpected?

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Accelerated design and production requirements are pressuring manufacturers in the medical industry to deliver products to market more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. As the industry continues to shift from forecast models to on-demand production, it is imperative that manufacturers become capable of increasing both production efficiency and production accuracy.

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Excellence Award

VIA recieves Delphi's prestigious Excellence in Action Award for Label Error Proofing Project in Europe and South America. Following a successful deployment of VIA's Vital ID, Delphi was able to reduce labeling errors by 86% in the first quarter, and further reduced label errors to zero in the following year.