VIA = Traceability - When lives depend on it.

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  • Eliminate waste
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Decrease liability exposure
  • Increase efficiency

Electronics assembly plants aren’t just about board buildup.  Producing the right product with the right configuration at the right time is a challenge, particularly when components and their assembly successes aren’t visible.

Deliver in-process, step based work instructions and drawings. Communicate with SMT machines, test stands, and firmware flash equipment. Enforce bill of materials, routings, and stop non-conforming product from progressing. Track at the sheet level, board level, and multi-layered assembly level. Associate parametric data to serialized components and assemblies.  Comply with regulatory and customer requirements. Standardize dynamically.

Traceability systems from VIA are different.

VIA has a uniquely configurable & flexible solution.

  • Adjust App behavior without programming
  • Create your own traceability apps
  • Reduce plant floor maintenance & IT costs
  • Tailor best practices to each operation, enterprise wide

This method of dynamic standardization helps you retain and gain customers, gain a competitive advantage, and lower costs by:

  • reducing production defects
  • reducing labeling errors
  • limiting AD’s and SAIB’s
  • increasing inventory turns
  • increasing yield
  • increasing productivity
  • increasing visibility to performance
  • making to order
  • with objective evidence that it was all done right



Vital Plant from VIA.  Traceability Imperative Solved.