Manufacturing Solutions for any Industry

Your production needs to meet regulatory, quality, and labeling requirements.  Your production schedules need to be coordinated with demand. Your packaging and shipments must be coordinated with logistics orders. Your signaling and reporting have to be coordinated with suppliers, WIP, and customers.  Doing all of this manually leads to higher cost, higher frustration and higher errors.  We've been helping clients overcome these issues with our out-of-the-box and custom manufacturing solutions for over 30 years. Isn't it time to give us a call?

Manufacturing Execution Software

100% Fully adjustable commercial off-the-shelf manufacturing execution software provides a common set of manufacturing process templates. We have integrated with every major ERP and connected with the majority of manufacturing support systems and technology.

Data Collection Hardware

We provide data collection hardware for manufacturers. Increase the productivity of your operations with fast and accurate data anywhere, anytime, using open CE-based industrial monitoring, control, and data collection applications.

Data Center Services

At our co-location data centers, we provide the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while our customers provide servers and storage. Space in our facility can be leased by the rack, cabinet, cage or room.


VIA has has been providing manufacturing execution solutions to the automotive industry for over 30 years.  Containing defects and limiting recall exposure is critical. Some of the most functional soutions for this industry include:

•  Tracking goods

•  Serialize and identify and label product

•  Validate against routing and BOM

•  Enable build to order

Food Processing

The effects of a food product recall are devastating.  An analysis of past recalls found that a combination of traceability, enforcement, and acceptance systems could have averted tragedies. Products included:

•  Pain relievers

•  Peanut butter

•  Ground beef

•  Baby formula


VIA has specialized systems for Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Production, and Health Care delivery:

•  Comply with FDA trading partner standards

•  ISO-15459, GS1, HIBCC

•  Record DHR’s electronically

•  Apply electronic signatures to documents

•  Comply with 21 CFR parts 11 and 820


Electronics assembly plants aren’t just about board buildup.  Producing the right product with the right configuration at the right time is a challenge.

•  Communicate with SMT machines

•  Test stands, and firmware flash equipment

•  Enforce bill of materials and routings.

•  Track at the sheet, board, and assembly level. 

Aerospace and Defense

In life critical products and services, it all boils down to saving lives.  Vital Plant software provides the means to achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability while sustaining and protecting the most valuable asset of all – human lives.

•  Deliver in-process work instructions

•  Enforce engineering specifications

•  Log procedures

•  Fulfill customization orders

Discrete Manufacturing

Products need to be defect free.  Recalls contained to a minimum, properly sorted, with all data in tact.  

With Vital Plant, you can:

•  Limit your recall exposure and liability

•  Increase inventory turns

•  Yield and productivity

•  Make to order, deliver in sequence.