Many software vendors charge for more than what is utilized: bulk of user licenses, extra functions which don’t apply to your business, even orphaned or out-of-service software that nobody sees or uses. Not VIA. Our business model is built around only paying for what you use.

We have a highly-experienced global services team equipped with the domain expertise needed to apply these systems to a multitude of manufacturing environments.

Not to mention, the most competitive rates in the industry.

Business Atoms

One application of that concept is our granular Business Atom counting method. We determine which functional application family is activated at each point of use, and we simply add up what is used where.

Volume Discounts

Like all volume discount models, the more you use, the cheaper each unit costs.  We expand this by including additional discounts for multiple application usage at any single point of use.  For example, if you serialize products, print a label, gather gauge data, enforce some process steps, and validate components against the bill of materials all at one workstation, that bundle of application families earns a discount at that point of use.

Facility Pricing

We understand that managing a complex variety of application usage within a large manufacturing environment can be tedious, time-consuming, ever-changing, and can add up to a large cost calculation.  That’s why we make it easy on our customers by providing a facility-based license option so that once a certain threshold of usage is reached, the facility can use the software as much as needed, as many places as needed, utilizing as much application functionality as needed, at no extra charge.

Enterprise Options

VIA also has creative enterprise options that allow for the proliferation of the software throughout the enterprise, at a very low incremental cost per facility.

You Deserve More From Your Operations

Our MES technology is transforming how companies operate, enabling the movement from manual paper-based processes to more intelligent, automated systems. By removing the need for paper-based monitoring and reporting, our systems can improve efficiency, provide meaningful business insights, eliminate room for error, and enable the better utilization of resources.