Right Package. Right Product. In the Right Box, every single time!

Configurable platforms deliver locally hosted and Cloud packing applications at your fingertips.  With No-code customization control your packing and printing with or without an IT infrastructure.

Packing Process Integrity

Built In Error Proofing

Utilize built in Error Proofing to make it right every time. Capture issues and prevent mistakes before your material leaves your facility. Eliminating errors saves you money. Expedited shipping because of mislabeled or bad material is a thing of the past. When you have the confidence that packing errors are no longer an issue, then you can focus on process integrity and reep the rewards of your cost savings.

Define your Serialization

When you utilize the Facility Manager tool you can define serializations for your labels to further solidify control of material identifications.

Import or Modify your existing Label Definitions

Easily adapt existing label formats with a simple copy paste or modify in order to fit your Customers’ ever changing label requirements.

Fit All of your Packing Needs and Requirements

Whether your packing needs are for batch material or serialized material Man-IT’s Vital Pack has the configurations and capabilities to fit all your packing needs.

Build to Order Pack Sequencing

Utilizing Customer broadcasting messaging, having the ability to pack containers in the order that the Customer will unpack them are essential for just in time deliveries. Not only can you control the sequencing of your container, but also control how the material is loaded on the truck for delivery.

Assemble and Create a Process that Fits Your Needs

Man-IT’s business atoms provides you with a variety of configurable options to fit your unique needs. Drag and drop these atoms to support the processes necessary to ensure accuracy and integrity each and every time you pack parts for your Customers.

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Take Control Over Your Packing Process

Cloud Pack

Knee deep in custom developed end-of-line programs for packing and labeling? Tired of supporting obsolete systems for which seemingly nobody has the details? Need to integrate business systems with packing operations?

  • Serialize products, containers, and pallets
  • Print product and customer specific labels
  • Validate part numbers, label content, packing orientation, and quantities
  • Pack per customer order; even single piece sequenced orders
  • Send consumption and production data to your business systems automatically

Vital Pack

Vital Pack allows you to get the right label on the right pacakge or the right product in the right box. The #1 cause for returns among business to business transactions is mislabeled product.

Vital Pack identifies each unit prior to labeling, and ensures you are using the proper label every time.

  • Master Pack
  • Containerization
  • Validate Label Compliance
  • Meet Complex Customer Requirements
  • Packout Validation/Error Proofing

Vital ID

Vital ID allows you to serialize your parts based on Customer and regulatory authorities’ specific serial number formats, including the necessary degrees of intelligence.

  • Configurable Serialization
  • Label Reading
  • Customized Label Printing
  • Standardize Identification
  • Error Proofing
  • Batch Packing/Serialized Packing