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Our Process

The struggle to make smart investments with both time and money is crucial.  That’s why you need a real partner, one that understands your business, one that delivers.


Our solutions architects work directly on-site with your teams to determine the right approach, the right solutions, and the right timing.   We set targeted results and manage our solutions to them.  Our client teams stay with you, and become a valuable resource for solving current opportunities, and identifying future improvements, always helping you stay one step ahead. 


Step #1 

Have a discussion with our team.  Initial conversations will uncover areas of opportunity and identify a possible match for our solutions.  If a strong match is determined, we will progress to the next step.


Step #2

First onsite review.  In our first review, we will focus on high level process and create a customized quote for opportunities and solutions. This step will give you a ballpark estimate that will help determine the best path forward.


Step #3

Following a succesfull adoption of the scope provided in the previous step, we will send an expert to your location where a deep level tactical Solutions Blueprint will be created.  The Solutions Blueprint will be the foundation of what and how the VIA plan will help you achieve your targets.  This plan will include updated timing and cost estimates.


Step #4

Signoff on the customized Solutions Blueprint will kick off the implemenation phase of your chosen solutions. Depending on complexity, implementation typically runs from a few weeks, to a month or two (timing will be provided in the previous step).  A one-time fee for implementation includes all of the necessary resouces from VIA including project management and technical personnell.


Step #5

Execution and improvement.  At VIA, we continue to support our clients even after the original implementation.  We recognize continued improvement is a critical strategy for our clients and we will be there.  We assign a client relations specialist to your team who will ensure the original requirements and goals are achieved, and will help you build a forward looking strategy for continued improvement.  


You have other things to do, other places to be, and other challenges to overcome, which is why we’ve worked so hard to ensure that our processes, our solutions and our people all work together to deliver the results you need.

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