Vital MES Modules

When you don't need the full Vital Plant Manufacturing Execution Suite but still want the integrated functionality, powerful Vital Modules may just be the perfect solution.

Performance Dashboards

The Performance Dashboard Vital MES Module provides a quick reference dashboard that lets managers immediately view shop floor performance data. Performance Dashboards provide a platform to launch corrective action or allow for more in-depth analysis by process engineers and quality professionals. Tailored to your specific needs, providing visibility into the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter to you.

- Advanced Reporting

- Enterprise Level Rollup

- Data Drill Down to Plant/Unit/Commodity

- View of Any Critical Performance Metric

- SPC Supporting Content

Warehouse Management

With the Warehouse Management Vital MES Module, inventory can be pulled from finished goods and staged for shipment. When a shipment is ready, printing delivery tickets, shipping slips, and any other documentation that you need is as easy as click of a button.

Shipping documents can contain a wide range of information, including:
· Quantity ordered, shipped, and backordered
· Purchase order numbers
· Shipping and billing address
· Carrier
· F.O.B. point

Complete bill of lading and automatically transmit Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs) to customers at time of shipment.

- Material Receiving
- Move, Split/Combine
- Unplanned Issue/Receipt
- Consumption
- Shipping

Document Management

With the Document Management Vital MES Module, you can enable speed to competency for machine operators by providing checklist, process documentation, and work instructions/manuals. Enforce process compliance and reduce attrition, operational errors and operational downtime by delivering work instructions in a digital format (text, image or video) thereby increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

- Checklist/Process Documentation (Record Keeping)
- Work Instructions, Manual, Operation Steps
- Advanced Non-Conformance Documentation

Lean ToolKit

The Lean ToolKit Vital MES Module includes digital lean display and signaling as well as enables analysis of all waste areas providing a benchmarking and measurement platform for all continuous improvement initiatives.

- Slack Time / Constraint Analysis
- Andon Display and Signaling
- PPK / CPK Analysis
- Pull Systems / eKanban
- Continuous Improvement Documentation

Employee Time and Attendance

The Time and Attendance Vital MES Module tracks all employee time. Push this data to your payroll systems and to your production systems, enabling accurate hours and productivity reporting.

- Headcount at Work Center
- Employee Login/Logout
- Time Tracking

Supplier Sequencing

The Supplier Sequencing Vital MES Module enables pick and pack and pack to order streamlining production, reducing inventory, lowering cost and increasing profits. 

- Pick and Pack
- Online Pack to Order
- Build to Order (Single Part Number)
- Build to Order (Part Family / Configuration)

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