Out-Of-The-Box and Customized Manufacturing Execution Systems For Any Execution Challenge.

VIA’s premier Manufacturing Execution System Software enables manufacturing companies across any industry to achieve un-paralleled results.

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Vital Plant MES Suite

The world's most flexible Manufacturing Execution Software, All-In-One! With Vital Plant, scalability, integration, and execution issues are a thing of the past.

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Vital MES Modules

Vital Plant functionality in specific Application Modules, giving you integrated solutions without losing cross line or cross plant functionality

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Vital MES Applications

Independent Vital Plant functionality giving you superior flexibility and execution around the most specific execution issues.

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The World's Most Flexible Manufacturing Execution System.

With Vital Plant Manufacturing Execution Systems, scalability, integration, and execution issues are history.


With mounting pressure to increase production and decrease cost, without sacrificing quality, you must be sharp. You need to have a rigorous focus on production improvement, process enforcement and quality, and you have to be willing to tackle the opportunities and challenges that get in the way. But at razor thin efficiencies, where do you find the resources? Where do you find the justification? Where do you find the time? Well, you've come to the right place.

Manufacturing Execution System software represents a key IT resource for manufacturing operations of all sizes and types. Because of its role in coordinating the full operational scope of manufacturing execution work, the benefits of Manufacturing Execution System software are equally relevant for made-to-stock, made-to-order, and process manufacturers.

The chief benefits of Manufacturing Execution Systems are derived through improvements in the following process areas: data gathering, real time and historical reporting, production planning, job release and resource optimization, production workflow management, and quality management.

VIA's Vital Plant Manufacturing Execution System solutions help manufacturers drive the metrics that matter most.  Through a mixture of data availability, real-time alerting, process enforcement, quality interactions management, automated data collection, part tracking, production schedule visbility, and work instructions. Vital Plant Manufacturing Execution Systems can help manufactures optimize performance in any environment.

Real Time and Historical Reporting

Get the data you need to measure and improve OEE, Downtime, Scrap, Yield, Cycle Times, Inventory Turns, Throughput, Returns, Utilization, Incidents, Maintenance, and more.

Process Enforcement

Remove manual intervention with automatic process enforcement. Enforce BOM, routing, parts and quality throughout the manufacturing process and freeze defects and non conformance in their tracks.

Proprietary Technology

Out of the box functionality built with drag-and-drop business atom technology makes creating, adjusting or removing processes and functionality easy, with no programming. And best of all, our solutions adjust to your processes, not the other way around.

Time Saving Templates

Stop spending time working on things that simply aren't working. It's time do it right, you certainly don't have time to do it again and again. With process enforcement, workflow replication and template exporting options, you reduce time and save money.

Data Security

Installed locally within your production environments with cloud based reporting options, VIA reduces exposure to potentially harmful external security risks and puts your team back in control.

Unlimited Options

Fully adjustable, scalable and exportable solutions for any manufacturing execution challenge. With hundreds of pre-built functionality maps, and unlimited flexibility, VIA provides the right solution for any scenario.