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Tackle any Manufacturing Execution Issue


Looking for a way to identify and track parts? Need to enforce your BOM? Having trouble getting the real time shop floor data you need? Want to reduce your inventory and streamline your WIP? Scrap or downtime impacting your ability to deliver? Missing deadlines or constantly reshipping due to errors? All of the above?

You could spend years and countless dollars trying to develop and implement internal solutions only to find that they end up lacking the necessary functionality, or even worse, they add more challenges then they solve. Read our 5 risks article

At VIA, we've developed powerful solutions to tackle any manufacturing execution issue and we've put all of that execution functionality into Vital Plant, our MES suite. With out-of-the-box functionality and drag and drop business atom technology, you now have more solutions than problems.

•  Scale with standardized templates
•  Language localization
•  Role based permissions
•  Unlimited reporting licenses
•  Push/Pull data to any business system


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Key Focus Areas for VIA's Vital Plant MES

Improving Responsiveness and Customer Experience

• Enable On-Time Delivery to Commit

• Reduce Manufacturing Cycle Time

• Reduce Time to Make Changeovers

Improve Quality

• Increase Yield

• Reduce Customer Rejects and Returns

• Track Incoming Supplier Quality

Improve Efficiency

• Increase Throughput

• Measure Capacity Utilization

• Measure and Manage Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

• Measure Schedule or Production Attainment

Reduce Inventory

• Increase WIP Inventory/Turns

Ensuring Compliance

• Enable Reporting on Health and Saftey Incidents

• Enable Reporting on Environmental Incidents

• Enable Reporing on Non-Compliance Events

Reducing Maintenance

• Managed Planned vs. Emergency Maintainence Ratios

• Manage Downtime vs. Operating Time Ratios

Increase Flexibility and Innovation

• Improve Rate of New Product Introduction

• Improve Engineering Change Order Cycle Time

Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability

• Manage Total Manfufacturing Cost per Unit

• Manage Manufacturing Cos as a Percentage of Revenue

• Manage Net Operating Profit

• Manage Productivity in Revenue per Employee

• Manage Average Unit Contribution Margin

• Manage Return on Assets and Net Assets

• Manage Energy Cost per Unit

• Manage Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time

• Manage EBITDA

• Manage Customer Fill Rate/On-Time Delivery/Perfect Order Percentage

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