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The best manufacturing systems aren’t just about preventing potential catastrophes, but driving proactive solutions that help you achieve your goals.

That’s our core belief and it’s what motivates us every day.

We understand that companies like yours have an absolute need to drive efficiencies, effectiveness and productivity, with every movement. Time lost, wasted effort, and execution misses can lead you toward missing targets or even worse, toward bankruptcy or closure. 

We’re happy to say that in our 30+ years, we’ve seen outstanding manufacturing improvement, we’ve seen tremendous results and have helped our clients create a strong competitive advantage…we’re proud to be a part of that.


Of north american automobiles are touched by VIA

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

VIA will be the #1 company of choice for Manufacturing Systems Software globally for discrete production environments, providing full operations management capabilities, including planning, scheduling, supply chain synchronization, materials management, quality management, production control, labeling and serialization, industrial controls connectivity, business system connectivity, and specialized process management.

Our Values

Make it Better. This core value of VIA’s encapsulates the spirit of all involved with the company. We want to help customers make products in better ways, with higher quality, efficiency, and productivity. We want to make the lives of our team members better, through mastery of their professions, purposeful activity, self direction and autonomy, creativity, innovation, and economic gain. We want to make our communities better, through participation, donation, and education.

Manufacturing system proliferation, through full spectrum factory management, with full structural alignment to customers.


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Reduce costs, overhead, and the overall number of systems while maintaining systems across the board to meet your company’s goals and technical initiatives