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The Traceability Imperative


Traceability commands attention, covering all matters of lot identification and control, chain of custody detail, product genealogy, and process enforcement.

At its root, definitions include a visible mark, evidence, a barely perceivable indication, a constituent, to follow the course or trail, to ascertain the successive stages in the development or progress of, to record, and to have origins.

In the context of production and manufacturing, all of these definitions apply. However, these descriptions do not indicate why Traceability is vitally important to producers and manufacturers in a variety of commercial endeavors. These include the medical device, pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries.

This whitepaper will:

•  Illuminate the fresh necessity of Traceability as a core production system

•  Discuss the risks of operating without Traceability 

•  Aid in the prioritization of Traceability system elements

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