VIA = Traceability - When lives depend on it.

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Knowing leads to self-control.

Logging data from your process isn’t good enough anymore. A data handshake isn’t good enough either. To gain a competitive edge, your process data needs to tell you something. It needs to tell your personnel something. Your process data needs to tell your process something. Hello? Are you listening?

The Traceability Imperative is about maintaining operational integrity.

Why go through the effort of logging process data if it is just going to sit silent? There are lives at stake if your products aren’t made right. Your reputation is at stake. Your business is at stake.

Enable your processes to openly communicate with Vital Response.

Freeze defects in their tracks. Compare and contrast parametric data between and among operations, lines, and facilities in real time. Display live work instructions and signals matching current process steps. Pass setpoints and recipes to controls to make your operations more flexible without degrading quality. Gain a competitive edge, innovate faster, and improve efficiencies by unlocking the bound up data in your processes.

Vital Response embodies four core duties of the Traceability Imperative:

  • Communicate with operators, devices, gauges, monitors, machines, systems, and interfaces real time, throughout each and every process cycle.
  • Evaluate in-process data through Business Atoms process maps and respond immediately.
  • Prevent non-conforming product from continuing in the process.
  • Feedback relevant historical information to the process itself, to the people responsible for the processes and even to customers.

When Vital Response is used in conjunction with Vital Traceability, the Traceability Imperative is addressed more fully. Protect lives. Prevent defects. Gain a competitive edge. Innovate faster. Standardize dynamically. Do it right, every time.