VIA = Traceability - When lives depend on it.

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#1 Leading cause of customer returns: Misidentification, labeling, and packing errors.

Sometimes doing it right is as simple as getting the right label on the right package, or the right product in the right box. The #1 cause for returns among certain business to business transactions is mislabeled product. Accurate labeling is becoming more of a cost and risk concern. New regulations and penalties add to this risk. With today’s high product variability, production flexibility, and increasing content complexity, addressing the Traceability Imperative is no small task.

The Traceability Imperative is about getting it right, every time.

Mislabeled product is typically a function of misidentification of the product at the point of packaging. Vital Pack® software identifies each unit prior to labeling, and then ensures that the proper labeling is in place both on the unit and the packaging.  Vital Pack also preserves traceability through unpack, sort, and repack processes.

Vital Pack embodies three core duties of the Traceabilty Imperative:

  • Reduced customer returns through increased accuracy. Validates each packaged unit for label compliance.
  • Unit level identification, including product content and configuration, matched to unique and complex customer requirements.
  • Dynamic Standardization: tailoring the software to local requirements at each point of application, reducing implementation time and effort, and increasing conformance.  You choose and direct how the software behaves, without programming.

When Vital Pack is used in conjunction with Vital Traceability, The Traceability Imperative is addressed more fully. Vital Pack® completes a stringent validation and traceability solution throughout the entire production process. Protect lives. Prevent defects. Gain a competitive edge. Innovate faster. Standardize dynamically. Do it right, every time.