VIA = Traceability - When lives depend on it.

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Solve the Traceability Imperative On-Premise with Man-IT® software



The Traceability Imperative is about standardizing dynamically.


      VIA has a uniquely configurable & flexible solution: Business Atoms

  • Adjust App behavior without programming
  • Create your own traceability apps
  • Reduce plant floor maintenance & IT costs
  • Enable real-time changes, supports dynamic manufacturing processes
  • Foundation for continuous innovation
    VIA provides a common set of manufacturing process templates

  • Leverage “Best Practices”: Export and circulate process apps, adjust locally
  • Reduce design, deployment time and effort
    VIA offers a Modular & Scaleable technology platform

  • Object Oriented Architecture (OOA)
  • Common platform across all manufacturing facilities
  • Repeatable processes
  • Multi-lingual

VIA applications are plant-floor hardware, database, and ERP impartial solutions