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Maximize uptime when your business cannot tolerate downtime.

Companies are continually under pressure to reduce operating cost while maintaining service levels to keep their business running. VIA’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) support option keeps this goal in mind to provide quality services based on established best practices and core competencies. Our goal is to provide higher service levels with greater responsiveness.

VIA’s Support Services team provides customers with quick response, increased flexibility and in-depth technical experience. From management to technical support, we work as a team to address any issues you have so that your Man-IT® software runs at optimal efficiency.

VIA provides a wide range of service levels to choose from to fit your business need. We offer customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Whenever a need arises you can call our support number and get a live VIA professional on the other end who will address your need immediately.

The majority of our customer needs can be addressed through our hassle-free Remote Diagnostic Support capabilities through VPN access. This service provides quick response and often fast recovery for any software related needs.

When remote support isn’t sufficient, VIA has the capability to provide on-site global support with resource deployment from North and Central America and Asia. All customers can access quarterly software releases to ensure that they have the latest software technology available through the leading manufacturing execution domain provider in the industry today.


Service Level Agreements to help you keep critical business processes continually running

Code Red Service- When production is mission critical, keeping your operations and services running all day every day to get back up fast in the event of unavoidable outages. With a maximum response time, defined issues are addressed immediately to ensure you never miss a production or shipping deadline.

Code Yellow Service – Code Yellow provides containment of issues with a 4 hour response time allowing for lines to keep running and down time be kept to a minimum.

Code Blue Service– When your manufacturing environment requires support to keep a minimum number of shifts running, Code Blue provides an 8am to 5pm option.

Each of these support service levels is backed with access to VIA’s Web-based remote support ticket system to allow you to be in charge of tracking any ticket – any time of the day.

Quick response, flexibility and technical expertise – our support doesn’t end with the sale of a product or service. With VIA you gain a manufacturing partner for life. Team up with VIA for essential expertise with time-to-resolution commitments to defuse downtime.

Man-IT® MES solutions provide –Significant cost savings – Greater flexibility and control.

VIA solves the Traceability Imperative with software, apps, and services.
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