VIA = Traceability - When lives depend on it.

Questions? Call us at: (248) 208-1700

VIA backs our hosted Vital Plant® and on-premise Man-IT® software with superior, contextual help.

Maximize uptime when your business cannot tolerate downtime.

  • Available 24 x 7
  • Technicians with production experience provide specialized help
  • Knowledge base with best practice examples

VIA’s Support Services team provides customers with quick response, in-depth technical expertise, and in-process understanding.  We are a group of traceability experts, all exposed to traceability systems running in production environments.  This enables us to understand the issue at hand, and how to solve it using established best practices and core competencies.

VIA provides a wide range of service levels to choose from to fit your business need. Whether 24 x 7 x 365, ad-hoc Q&A, or something in between, VIA is here to help. We can even address issues through our hassle-free Remote Diagnostic Support capabilities through VPN access. This service provides quick response and often fast recovery for any software related needs.

When remote support isn’t sufficient, VIA has the capability to provide on-site global support with resource deployment throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Automatic updates ensure the latest software technology available. Help tickets can be accessed with a private customer login. Our knowledge base is also available online for self-serve investigation.

When Vital Plant is properly maintained, the Traceability Imperative is addressed more fully. Protect lives. Prevent defects. Gain a competitive edge. Innovate faster. Standardize dynamically. Do it right, every time.