VIA = Traceability - When lives depend on it.

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  • Eliminate waste
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Decrease liability exposure
  • Increase efficiency

In life critical products and services, it all boils down to saving lives.  Vital Plant software provides the means to achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability while sustaining and protecting the most valuable asset of all – human lives.

When a food product recall occurs, the effects are devastating.  If lives are impacted, customers lose their appetite for a brand overnight.

At VIA, we’ve analyzed past recalls: pain relievers, peanut butter, ground beef, baby formula, even pet food, to name a few.  In each case, a combination of traceability, process enforcement, and quality acceptance systems could have averted the tragedies.  That’s what the Traceability Imperative is all about.

We understand the life-critical nature of your business.  And, we also understand the challenges you face implementing HACCP in operational environments.  That’s why we’ve designed Vital Plant as a software solution to decrease your hazard exposure while increasing plant performance.

You no longer need a large investment in IT infrastructure to accomplish this.  Just a smart phone, smart pad or computer with internet access.

Traceability systems from VIA are different.

VIA has a uniquely configurable & flexible solution.

  • Adjust App behavior without programming
  • Create your own traceability apps
  • Reduce plant floor maintenance & IT costs
  • Tailor best practices to each operation, enterprise wide

This method of dynamic standardization helps you retain and gain customers, gain a competitive advantage, and lower costs by:

  • enforcing best practices
  • reducing labeling errors
  • reducing customer returns
  • limiting recall exposure and liability
  • increasing yield
  • increasing productivity
  • increasing visibility to performance
  • with objective evidence that it was all done right


Vital Plant from VIA.  Traceability Imperative Solved.